Throughout our 50 year history, MDC has maintained a steadfast commitment to sustainability and a corporate responsibility for the betterment of our Products, Processes, Profession and People.

MDC is deeply committed to providing the most Environmentally Preferred Products from the most responsible of manufacturers. Each of those facilities using the same sustainable approaches we endorse and each will reference the key elements of the NSF/ ANSI 342 standard for environmentally preferable wallcovering products.

MDC has implemented recycling systems for both pre and post consumer waste. Those are designed to constantly reduce not only those waste streams, but to reduce the pollution levels connected to them. We also have dedicated ourselves to documented reductions in energy and water consumption.

We strive to continually improve the full life cycle elements of our products: creation, transport, installation and eventual return to the stream. This is not a checklist, this is our ongoing initiative to continually expand upon our current goals and, by doing so, deepen our environmental commitment.

3rd party verification

  • 3rd party verified ongoing reductions in
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Use
  • Waste
  • Packaging
  • Water Usage
  • Following protocol as defined in ISO 14001 Environmental Management

    Objectives and Targets

    The targets outlined in 2023 were as follows and results of the efforts are indicated

    #1 (15 points) Objective: Reduce the amount of waste leaving the building in a dumpster while increasing the quantity of waste leaving the building through various recycling options.
    Target: Increase recycling by 5% over previous year
    Result: Efforts to secure source capable of weighing options are ongoing. Volume of commingled recycling has grown somewhat and alternate recycling options have grown consistently
    #2 (12 Points) Objective: Eliminate the disposal of reclable vinyl trim and sampling
    Target: Increase percentage of internally generated vinyl scrap being returned to manufacturer for recycling into new wallcovering
    Result: Scraps from cutting samples are being collected and returned to the manufacturer for recycling into new wallcovering. During the course of 2015, 9,490 pounds were returned for processing. This is an increase of 92.4% over 2014
    #3 (10 points) Objective: Reduce the quantity of outdated sampling ending up in a landfill
    Target: MDC will donate non-recyclable wallcovering samples to ZeroLandfill Chicago
    Result: MDC founded and continues to finacially support ZeroLandfill Chicago. In 2015 MDC donated 512 pounds of outdated materials to ZeroLandfill there were placed in the hands of underfunded educators and artists
    #4 (10 points) Objective: Reduce the quantity of kWh used by the corporate headquarters
    Target: Educate and encourage employeed to minimize electricity being used throughout the course of daily business. Replace outdated equipment with current, more energy efficient models
    Result: Despite growth in sales and consequent employees needed to manage the growth, energy use in MDC's corporate headquarters continues to trend down. The decrease is attributed to viligant sourcing of upgraded equipment and simultaneous education of employees on energy saving practices with a total of 1.25% reduction over the previous year

    Additionally, MDC has purchased REC's and offsets to reduce the impact of 100% of its energy use